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About Lula Fish

Lula is a Colombian artist, film producer and violinist who at the age of 33 decided to take her chances in Hollywood and started her life anew in Los Angeles. When she arrived, without knowing a word of English, coming face to face with these drastic changes led her to get to know herself for the first time in her life.

Thanks to her job as a babysitter, she discovered that treating herself like a little girl can help her address issues that she had previously ignored, and she became able to exercise the necessary patience and love to understand her own thoughts and emotions. By talking to herself with the same patience and love that she exercises with each and every child she cares for, she was able to give way to the most important and beautiful kind of love in the world: self-love. She thereupon started writing children’s books about the tools that help her live her life with happiness, love, compassion, and in complete harmony with her surroundings, and most importantly, with herself.


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